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Why store my baby’s stem cells?

It could save your child’s life.

Stem cell transplantation has been used in medical procedures for more than 50 years, with more than 1 million blood stem cell transplants across the world playing an important role in the treatment of bone marrow failures, blood cancers, blood disorders, metabolic diseases, immune deficiencies and autoimmune diseases.

Umbilical cord blood stem cells are controversy-free and used in more than a third of the world’s blood stem cell transplants.

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Why should I choose CryoSave?

AABB accredited laboratory in South Africa, with the option to store locally and/or in Switzerland.

  • 18 Releases for treatment
  • 30 Countries represented
  • No.1 stem cell bank in Europe
  • 17 Years’ experience
  • 6 Laboratories world-wide
  • 330 000 samples stored

Can I afford it?

Stem cell storage is affordable and the greatest gift you can give your child or grandchild. With the flexible, interest-free payment options, it costs less than:


1.5 x

family restaurant dinners

2 x

trips to the nail salon

3 x

bottles of wine

But it has the potential to save your child’s life.