Any parents who opt to collect and store their babies’ cord blood and tissue want the peace of mind of knowing that these will be stored safely for a lifetime. It is also important to know that the stem cells are transplant-ready and will be accepted at the world’s leading transplant facilities. (To date, the CryoSave group has had 18 global releases.)


It is therefore essential that the stem cell bank of your choice follows internationally recognised and endorsed protocols when it comes to ensuring that the processing of and storage of cord blood and tissue are done safely and ethically.


CryoSave South Africa and Salveo Swiss Biotechnology are both owned by two publicly listed companies, providing unmatched financial security for your investment. They are jointly owned by JSE-listed Ecsponent Limited and Esperite N.V. listed on Euronext Amsterdam and Paris. For South African parents, this means a world-class stem cell storage service that is affordable, sustainable and governed by the protocols and procedures of Europe’s largest stem cell banks.


What happens at the laboratory?

  1. After arrival at the AABB-accredited laboratory, various tests are performed on the cord blood to ensure the stem cells are healthy and viable.
  2. Following this, cryoprotectant is added to the stem cells. This prevents ice crystal formation that can destroy stem cells during the freezing process.
  3. Before freezing, each cord blood unit is inspected and sealed in an overwrap bag to ensure the integrity of the unit and to prevent any contamination.
  4. The cord blood units are stored in the vapour phase of liquid nitrogen in the tanks at a set temperature that is maintained and monitored throughout the storage lifecycle. The use of these tanks means that storage is not reliant on a power source, providing added peace of mind that should there be an electricity outage, the cord blood units will not be affected.
  5. Should the cord blood ever be required for transplantation, it is released within 24 hours, under the supervision of our Medical Director, and can be shipped to any destination, and will be accepted at any transplant centre in the world.