The Cryo-Save laboratory in Pretoria is the heart of our world-class cord blood and tissue stem cell services. The laboratory, which was opened on 31 January 2013, complies with the highest accreditation standards, including AABB accreditation (formerly known as the American Association of Blood Banks). The laboratory uses automated equipment for cell counts, stem cell analyses, blood-typing and sterility checks.

Processing takes place in clean rooms to reduce the contamination risk and stem cells are stored in special cryo-preservation bags which are overwrapped and placed, individually, in aluminium protective cases. Each sample is labelled with a unique identifying code and stored, in a cryo-preservation tank, in the vapour phase of liquid nitrogen (at approximately minus 180oC).



Access to the Cryo-Save laboratory is controlled, with no unauthorised access to the building, laboratory, cryo-preservation tanks, or data.


Interested in a laboratory tour?

Contact us via email or on 087 8080 100 to arrange a tour of the Cryo-Save laboratory and a one-on-one information session with our cord blood specialists.

The collection kit

Processing at the Cryo-Save laboratory

Cord blood processing performed in processing facility

Sampling for sterility testing

Cord tissue processing

Cord tissue viability by fluorescence method

Controlled rate freezing