Collecting cord blood and tissue for stem cell banking, may seem complicated and time-consuming, but in reality, all the work happens behind the scenes. The entire process is quick, painless and non-invasive. It takes place after the umbilical cord has been cut and thus poses no risk to mom and baby. The focus remains on providing care to baby and mother. This leaves parents free to focus on the birth, knowing that they’ve invested in their child’s future health.


You Enrol Online


Apply online, or download and complete the application form and return to the InfoHub. The InfoHub is there to provide information about stem cell storage and the process or to answer all your questions. After paying the collection fee/deposit, the collection kit will be delivered directly to you.

The collection kit is assigned a unique identification number and contains everything needed for the collection:

sterile collection bag for the blood
sterile container for the cord tissue
packaging bags
security seal
relevant forms and full instructions.

When your baby is born, the healthcare professional collects the stem cells


On the day of the birth, take your collection kit to the hospital and give it to the healthcare professional performing the procedure.


After your baby is born, the umbilical cord is clamped and cut and the placenta is delivered a few minutes later. The cord blood is collected before and/or after the placenta is delivered. Ideally, 70-150 millilitres of cord blood must be collected and about 20 cm of cord tissue. The collection does not interfere in any way with the care given to the mother and baby.


A sample of the mother’s blood is obtained during routine blood sampling seven days before/after delivery. Both the cord blood and mother’s blood will be tested for certain infectious diseases.


We collect, process and store according to international standards


Once collected, everything will be closed in an insulated casing validated for the transport, according to applicable international standards. You or your partner can contact us, and our specialised medical couriers will collect the kit from your bedside. Please do not refrigerate the kit or any of the content.

The entire process takes only minutes to complete, but could change your family’s future.