Storage Options and Pricing

Stem cells are too valuable not to be saved. Cryo-Save South Africa are able to offer you and your family the following services:

Service Details Laboratory
Local cord blood & tissue storage Umbilical cord blood & tissue Pretoria
International cord blood & tissue storage Umbilical cord blood & tissue Geneva

CRYO-SAVE offers world-class standards in umbilical cord stem cell storage. Your baby’s cord blood and tissue will be processed by and stored at the AABB-accredited Cryo-Save Laboratory. It is your choice to store these in South Africa or Genève, Switzerland or dual storage in both countries.

Payments can be done using EFT, credit card and debit order.  Contact us for your customised quotation and interest-free payment plans. For full details on our pricing and payment options, please complete our inquiry form or email:

Fee adjustments (discounts) are applied to the following programmes

  • Medical aid schemes
    • Discounts available to members of leading medical aid schemes in South Africa.
  • Multiple births
    • For parents having twins, triplets, quadruplets.
  • Loyalty programme
    • Returning clients in good standing
  • Referral programme
    • Current cryo-save family members will receive a R500 Woolworths voucher for referring new families to us. These vouchers will be sent after the successful storage of the referred family – there is no limit to a number of families you refer to our program.
  • Cost-free family donation programme
    • To qualify for the cost-free donation programme, a sibling of the unborn child must have been diagnosed with a disease that is currently treatable with umbilical cord blood stem cells (an FDA approved indication for transplantation) and must be being treated by a medical specialist (oncologist/haematologist), who agrees that the stem cells could be used for treatment. If eligible, Cryo-Save will enrol the family into the Cost-Free Donation programme, provide the cord blood collection kit, and process and store (cryo-preserve) the new-born’s cord blood sample without any cost to the family.
  • Education program
    • Ask your healthcare provider for our illustrated guide to stem cells, compiled from reputable, evidence-based sources to help all parents make an informed decision about stem cell storage for their children. You can also request a guide via email