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The Cryo-Save difference – providing families who believe in the future of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering access to current and future stem cell therapies.

Specialised cord blood processing through the Sepax II FAMCORD protocol using a BioSafe Sepax blood processing kit. The kit is a closed, single-use system which minimises the risk of contamination during processing. UNIQUE IN SA.
Testing cord tissue stem cells to determine viability by fluorescent staining. FIRST IN SA. When storing with Cryo-Save, you are assured that your samples have been properly tested and verified to be suitable for long term storage.
Peace of mind, with photographic evidence of viable tissue stem cells (if required for future expansion and therapy). FIRST IN SA.
Cryo-Save South Africa is owned by two publicly listed companies, providing unmatched financial security for your investment.
Cryo-Save was established in 2000 and is represented in over 30 countries on three continents and is the largest cord blood bank in Europe with over six laboratories in Geneva, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa and UAE. It is ranked the world’s 5th most influential cord blood bank by BioInformant.
Esperite, Cryo-Save’s holding company in Europe, registered a patent to use cord tissue stem cells that will enable new, and more accessible and affordable therapeutic approaches to treat a broad spectrum of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases including type-1 diabetes, arthritis and multiple sclerosis.
Cryo-Save sponsors a multi-centre clinical trial investigating new treatments for cerebral palsy by infusing two types of stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood and tissue processed by Cryo-Save.
Cryo-Save together with the University of Cologne pioneered validated methods for cord tissue collection, viability testing, cryopreservation, and isolation of mesenchymal stem cells from umbilical cord tissue.
Cryo-Save is a founding member of the International Tissue Engineering Research Association, an international forum of scientists and researchers specialised in stem cells and tissue repair. Together with other universities in Europe and the Fraunhofer Institute, Cryo-Save has been selected to conduct fundamental research in the field of cryopreservation techniques for stem cells in an EU funded Framework Program.

Cryo-Save South Africa is part of the Cryo-Save Group, Europe’s largest private cord blood and tissue stem cell bank. Through its six international laboratories in Geneva, Belgium, Germany, Dubai, India and South Africa, Cryo-Save globally stores more than 310 000 samples and is represented in over 30 countries on six continents.

Locally, it is also part of the private equity stable of Ecsponent Limited, a JSE-listed financial services group. Cryo-Save forms part of the specialised Ecsponent Biotech that invests in products and services that promote the adoption of personalised and regenerative medicine among South Africans to improve their quality of life.

As part of your birthing plan, contact us as early in your pregnancy as possible.

Who we are and why we care


Cryo-Save is ranked the 5th most influential cord bank in the world by BioInformant, the global leader in stem cell market research, and remains the undisputed European leader in the stem cells industry after 17 years of technological excellence.

Established in 2000, Cryo-Save is the most experienced, reliable and technologically advanced family Stem Cell Bank in Europe with six fully-owned storage facilities throughout the world. We are collecting samples from more than 30 countries and currently storing more than 330.000 samples of stem cells sourced from perinatal tissues.

Cryo-Save is led by a team of medical and scientific professionals, ensuring the highest quality of processes from collection through to storage. The dedicated medical professional presence in all countries we operate provides our clients and partners with direct expert communication and support.



Values of excellence, quality, performance and sustainability

The flagship laboratory is located in Geneva with a further five facilities in Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa and UAE, each carrying the Swiss values of high quality, high security and a long-term view.

Cryo-Save is the largest European family stem cell bank fully authorised for autologous and allogeneic transplants by a State Agency for therapeutic products and is fully accredited as a licensed Organ and Tissue Establishment.

Laboratory facilities within the Cryo-Save network are locally registered and acknowledged to support stem cell storage services across the 25 countries where Cryo-Save is currently active. In addition to the local licensing requirements, met by the six processing and storage facilities, Cryo-Save holds several accreditations and certifications – ISO 9001, EUGMP/PICs and AABB.

Cryo-Save laboratories have over 15 years’ experience in processing, cryopreservation and quality development. We strive to continue implementing process improvements across all facilities to ensure that the Cryo-Save name stands synonymous with quality.



Processing capacity was scaled up at the Geneva site during 2015 in preparation for consolidating most of the European laboratory activities at this single, state-of-the-art, high-tech laboratory.

The portfolio of quality accreditations was expanded and will continue to grow in the coming year as we anticipate future quality improvements demanded by the medical industry. Geneva has replaced Belgium as the flagship facility for Cryo-Save offering the latest in technological advancement as well as cost efficiencies inherent in such a large scale, automated, high-throughput facility.



The Cell Factory produces highest quality stem cells and exosomes according to GLP/GMP guidelines, using proprietary technology for expansion of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC).

  • Building new procedures and services from R&D within Esperite group
  • Bringing most advanced regenerative medicine into a clinical setting
  • Constant optimisation of stem cell processes ensuring maximum yields, purity and low production costs
  • In-house scientific and medical expertise ensuring optimal development
  • Five international patents
  • Clinical trials on disorders affecting children from birth
  • Leading an international consortium of experts

Cryo-Save Partnerships


Cryo-Save South Africa has partnered with MULTIPLY, MMI Holdings’ wellness and rewards programme to provide members of the programme with an exclusive service when storing their baby’s umbilical cord stem cells at birth. To find out more, please contact us directly on


Cryo-Save South Africa has partnered with CAMAF Medical Scheme to provide their members with an exclusive service when it comes to storing their baby’s umbilical cord stem cells at birth. To find out more, please contact us directly on


Founding member of The South African Tissue Bank Association (SATiBA). SATiBA is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to support all South African tissue banks in regulatory and legal matters, data collection, training, accreditation, quality assurance, communication and collaboration, and more. There is a need for the industry to take responsibility for its own future and development due to a lack of government support and funding, but this can only be achieved through cooperation and agreement between the various stakeholders.


The Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood started out as a website in 1998. It was intended as an informal public service project in memory of Shai, the daughter of the founder Dr Frances Verter. In 2007 a Board of Directors was recruited, and the Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood incorporated as a non-profit foundation. The primary mission of the Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood is to educate parents with accurate and balanced information about cord blood medical therapies and cord blood storage options.