Transplantations & Uses at Cryo-Save

Sample Releases

Release Date Disease Source
13/01/2004 Aplastic Anaemia Autologous
30/01/2007 Congenital Immunodeficiency Allogeneic (Sibling)
21/10/2007 Subarachnoidal Haemorrhage Autologous
09/03/2009 Medulloblastoma Autologous
20/04/2009 Acute Lymphoblastic Laeukemia Allogeneic (Sibling)
18/05/2009 Cerebral Palsy Autologous
07/12/2010 Cerebral Palsy Autologous
17/05/2011 Cerebral Palsy Autologous
09/08/2011 Cerebral Palsy Autologous
18/03/2013 Diagnostic Purpose
02/04/2013 Blackfan-Diamond Anaemia Allogeneic (Sibling)
03/07/2013 Cerebral Palsy Autologous
09/07/2013 Cerebral Palsy Autologous
04/12/2013 Cerebral Palsy Autologous
23/10/2014 Beta Thalassemia Major Allogeneic (Sibling)
26/01/2015 Diagnostic Purpose

Transplantation Centres

List of transplantation centres where Cryo-Save samples have been accepted for transplantation

  1. Duke University North Carolina, USA
  2. Kliniek Pediatrische Hematologie en Onclogie Frankfurt, Germany
  3. Pirogov Sofia, Bulgaria
  4. Centro De Transfusiones de la, Comunidad de Madrid, Spain
  5. Kinderspital Zurich, Switzerland
  6. Hospital Infantil Nino Jesus Madrid, Spain
  7. Hospital Universitario Madrid, Spain
  8. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Maryland, USA

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