Video Gallery

  • Doctors Orders : Cryo-Save Snippet
  • An introduction to Stem Cell Storage
  • A guide to Cryo-Save’s stem cell collection and storage service
  • Umbilical Cord Blood Collection
  • Talk Radio 702 – All about stem cells
  • Introduction to Cryo-Save
  • Talk Radio 702 – Myths about Stem Cells
  • Learn more about Stem Cells
  • Bobby van Jaarsveld: New baby, Stem Cell Storage
  • Louis Rehrl talks to Expresso about Stem Cell Storage

Fresh from our blog

Mounting stem cell treatment possibilities...

Sabio Communications Almost every month, new studies are published on promising potential treatments...

Cryo-Save South Africa Appoints Dr Robert...

Cryo-Save South Africa is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Robert Crookes as their Medical...

Stem Cell Transplant Gives Hope to Cerebral...

Sabio Communications Since the first successful umbilical cord blood stem cell transplantation in 1988,...

What are Stem Cells

What is Stem Cell Technology & Storage? Although you may have read about the latest developments...
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