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Kirsten and Robert

South Africa

When Kirsty fell pregnant, we started finding out about stem cell storage. We wondered about taking matters into our hands and ‘playing God’ by storing Makenna’s stem cells in order to provide a buffer and insurance in the event that she may fall ill. But then we realised if we could contribute towards insurances which safeguard our material possessions, then we could certainly make the allowance to protect our little girl, storing her stems cells to maximise our chance of fighting a disease should Makennna fall ill, especially with both of our family history of different types of cancers.


Arno and Lizanie

South Africa

Rather than just discarding umbilical cord blood, we have decided to store our baby’s stem cells for private use. We chose Cryo-Save as they play an active role in making stem cell storage possible by offering the opportunity to provide an additional means of assistance and coverage against possible future disabling illnesses. We really hope that we never need to make a phone call to request our son’s stem cells but at least we know that we stand a fighting chance. It’s our insurance policy.


Miguel and Mara


We believe in stem cell storage, not only because of the actual uses of stem cells, but more importantly because of all the clinical trials that are going on and that will bring new therapies for the future; hopefully for more common diseases like diabetes or cerebral palsy. Stem cell storage is something you have to choose carefully for it lasts 20 years.


Luca and Bozhidara


We have chosen Cryo-Save because of its good reputation among qualified operators in the health sector. Cryo-Save laboratories are located in the heart of Europe and are compliant with the European legislation.

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