Why Cryo-Save



Cryo-Save is an international group of Family Stem Cell Banks, licensed to collect, analyse, process, cryopreserve, store and release umbilical cord blood and cord tissue stem cells. With more than 300,000 samples stored worldwide, Cryo-Save is a leading and technologically advanced Stem Cell Bank in Europe and Africa.

Established in 2000, the Cryo-Save Group has been active in the stem cell industry for more than 15 years. Our long-established professionalism and expertise is recognised by the medical community and samples from over 40 countries have been cryopreserved in processing and storage facilities in Geneva, Dubai, South Africa and India.

Cryo-Save is constantly striving to improve its services and to offer the best possible guidance to its customers, the medical community and the public in general. Parents are given the opportunity to visit the Cryo-Save laboratory and learn more about our family stem cell bank. This enables interactions between the company and its clients and provides an opportunity to reinforce the transparency of the organisation, giving direct insight into its professional work and long-term objectives.

Samples released from the Cryo-Save Group internationally have been used to treat patients with diseases such as leukaemia, Blackfan-Diamond anaemia, medulloblastoma and cerebral palsy.



  • In collaboration with BioSafe, we use the SEPAX CS-570.3 Processing Kit and the FAMCORD Protocol that was specifically developed for us. This automated system optimises sample processing and stem cell recovery.
  • The cryo-protectant DMSO solution, used to protect stem cells during the cryopreservation process, has low cytotoxicity, preserving the viability of the cells.
  • Extensive testing is performed on every cord blood sample and on maternal blood, including serology testing of maternal blood for HIV 1&2, HBV, HCV, CMV and syphilis. In addition, maternal blood is screened for HIV, HBV and HCV by nucleic acid testing (NAT). Should the stem cells be needed for a transplant, the results of these specialised tests will be made available to the Transplant Team.
  • The risk of contamination of the sample in the laboratory is remote.
  • The entire process is fully traceable.
  • In collaboration with The Cell Factory in Belgium, Cryo-Save developed a method to assess and confirm the viability of mesenchymal cells in umbilical cord tissue by fluorescent microscopy. This test is the first of its kind in Europe and Africa.
  • Cryo-Save South Africa has access to the latest innovations in the Cryo-Save Group.


More than 15 years of experience and an international team of over 260 professionals have helped us achieve the highest quality standard in stem cell storage.

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