To all CryoSave South Africa Clients who have stored their children’s stem cells Internationally or Locally.

We as a Company value our service and loyalty to our Clients. For CryoSave South Africa clients who have stored their child’s stem cells in Europe, it should be noted that the decision by CryoSave International to re-locate the samples stored in Europe to the PBKM FamiCord facility in Warsaw, Poland, was based on ensuring continuity of long-term storage. CryoSave South Africa has been assured that all our International Samples have been safely transferred from CryoSave International’s facilities in Niel, Belgium and in Geneva, Switzerland to the PBKM FamiCord Cryopreservation Facility in Warsaw and are securely stored in that facility.

As pointed out in the PBKM FamiCord communication, the transport of Internationally stored stem cells was compliant with the relevant contracts concluded by and between CryoSave International and PBKM FamiCord and was covered by PBKM FamiCord‘s insurance policy. The samples transported were in CryoSave Cryogenic Containers that were equipped with special sensors to measure temperature during transport and a team of experts supervised the process according to Regulations and Standards for the transport of cryopreserved material.

Although CryoSave South Africa has had an association with CryoSave International, it operates independently, as a separate legal entity, which has the right to use the CryoSave name. CryoSave South Africa adopted the processing, cryopreservation and storage processes that were developed in accordance with CryoSave International’s protocols and International (AABB) Standards. Our relationship with CryoSave International therefore has no bearing on the agreement that exists between CryoSave South Africa and its clients, whether the child’s stem cells are stored locally or internationally.

CryoSave South Africa wishes to assure all our Clients who have stored stem cells locally in South Africa, or internationally, that your child’s stem cells continue to be securely stored either in our cryopreservation facility in Pretoria, South Africa (Local Storage Clients) or in Warsaw, Poland (International Storage Clients) at the PBKM FamiCord cryopreservation facility in accordance with international Regulations and International Accreditation Standards. CryoSave South Africa clients do not need to e-mail or contact CryoSave South Africa or PBKM to confirm the storage of your child’s stem cells.

To reiterate, CryoSave South Africa is a completely independent and operationally autonomous Family Stem Cell Banking Facility. We are not financially or operationally affected by the current status of CryoSave International i.e. CryoSave AG, CryoSave NV or Esperite.

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