We care about your child
By preserving their biological building blocks.
We care about your family
A precious gift to help protect your child’s future health.
We care about your family’s future
Your child’s stem cells are secured in our state-of-the-art facility.
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A gift to protect your loved ones

You can have peace of mind by saving your baby’s umbilical cord stem cells. As parents, having the priceless gift of your child, you have a choice – whether to invest in the future potential of stem cell treatments.

Stem cells in umbilical cord blood and cord tissue can be thought of as “master” cells that have the potential to treat various diseases. These cells can only be collected at birth and therefore presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

A gift so precious you can only give it once

Modern families are becoming aware of new innovations in medicine. More families are preparing for the child’s future and choose to store their child’s umbilical cord blood and tissue stem cells and other perinatal cells.

CryoSave has over 18 years’ experience in cord stem cell banking and offers an array of stem cell banking options to families.


We offer various storage options to suit your needs

Our superior stem cell banking services provide options for possible future therapies. Our storage options consist of standard benefits along with tailored advantages, to give you complete peace of mind when you choose to store with us. 

Follow these 3 easy steps to arrange for the preservation of your child’s stem cells

Call us at 087 808 0170

to order your kit and receive it directly to your doorstep. Pack your kit with your hospital bag.

Hand the kit to your healthcare professional

At the time of delivery, hand the kit to your healthcare professional so that they can collect the stem cells. Call the number on your kit for pick up.

Storage at their new home

At our CryoSave laboratory, we will process the cord blood according to internationally approved, quality protocols and store (cryo-preserve) your newborn’s stem cells in their new home.

Store with one of the best

CryoSave has successfully processed and stored cord blood for more than 18,000 childrens stem cells.

You can have peace of mind in saving your baby’s umbilical cord stem cells for whatever the future might hold. As a parent, you have a choice in whether to invest in the unique and potent healing benefits of stem cells.

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