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    Stem cells can be called “hot news” nowadays. Scientific breakthroughs and clinical successes appear in the world media almost daily.

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An introduction to Stem Cell Storage
Understanding Stem Cells
An introduction to Stem Cell Storage
Doctors Orders : Cryo-Save Snippet
Stem Cell Storage
CryoSave - Radio702 Interview

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On your baby's day of birth, you have the unique opportunity to save your baby's umbilical cord stem cells. Your growing baby is full of pure, potent stem cells that could be used to treat diseases later on in life.

Currently umbilical cord blood is used in the treatment of over 70 diseases including a wide range of immune system deficiencies and blood disorders (stem cell therapy). The tissue from the umbilical cord contains powerful stem cells that have the potential to repair damaged tissues such as cartilage, bone or muscle. (

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